Join us 3-4 October 2019 in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand for The Power of Inclusion summit and be part of the vital global conversation around representation, belonging and inclusion in today’s screen, entertainment and technology landscape.

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Alice Snedden

Alice Snedden is a writer, comedian and improvisor with a string of top New Zealand TV credits to her name and one half of the popular podcast, BONERS OF THE HEART.

The power of inclusion: Alice Snedden

Ana Scotney

Rising star Ana Scotney (Ngāti Tāwhaki), who made her feature film acting debut in THE BREAKER UPPERERS (2018) and is a film and award winning theatre maker.

The power of inclusion: Ana Scotney

Benjamin Law

Benjamin Law is an Australian journalist, columnist and screenwriter, who adapted his book THE FAMILY LAW into a critically-acclaimed and award-winning comedy series.

The power of inclusion: Benjamin Law

Franklin Leonard

Franklin Leonard is an American film executive and producer of The Black List, a yearly publication featuring Hollywood’s
most popular unproduced

The power of inclusion: Franklin Leonard

Hope Dickson Leach

Hope Dickson Leach is the award-winning writer-director of THE LEVELLING and co-founded Raising Films, a campaigning
community for parents
and carers in the
screen industries.

The power of inclusion: Hope Dickson Leach

Jackie van Beek

Jackie van Beek is an award-winning actor, writer and director whose directing credits include films THE INLAND ROAD and THE BREAKER UPPERERS (with Madeleine Sami)
and TV series
(NZ) and WHAT

The power of inclusion: Jackie  van Beek

Kiel McNaughton

Kiel McNaughton (Māori Ngāti Māhanga/Chinese/Pākehā) is a director and producer of diverse and innovative
narrative content,
feature films WARU
and VAI which he

The power of inclusion: Kiel McNaughton

Kirsten Schaffer

Kirsten Schaffer is Executive Director of Women in Film, Los Angeles and has been instrumental in the launching of industry game changer
ReFrame, an initiative to
advance inclusivity and
gender equity.

The power of inclusion: Kirsten Schaffer

Kerry Warkia

Kerry Warkia (Papua New Guinean / Scottish) is a producer who has been at the forefront of some of New Zealand’s most innovative content for film, television and web,
feature films

The power of inclusion: Kerry Warkia

Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern is the 40th and current Prime Minister of New Zealand and the
world's youngest
female head of

The power of inclusion: Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern

Madeleine Sami

Madeleine Sami is an accomplished actor, writer and director having done all three for the hit film THE BREAKER UPPERERS with Jackie van Beek, has starred in the feature
and also
created critically
TV series

The power of inclusion: Madeleine Sami

Magda Szubanski

Magda Szubanski AO is a celebrated actor, producer and best-selling author, and was ‘The Most Talked About Person’ in 2017 for her crucial role in advocating for
marriage equality
in Australia.

The power of inclusion: Magda Szubanski

Maria Giese

Maria Giese is an award-winning feature film director who, in 2015, became the person that instigated the biggest industry-wide Federal investigation for
women directors in
Hollywood history.

The power of inclusion: Maria Giese

Niki Caro

Niki Caro is a multi award-winning New Zealand film director and screenwriter whose credits include THE ZOOKEEPERS WIFE, NORTH COUNTRY,
upcoming MULAN.

The power of inclusion: Niki Caro

Osnat Shurer

Osnat Shurer is the Academy Award®-nominated Producer of MOANA who created the film’s Oceanic Story Trust, a team of Pasifika consultants and collaborators on the film, and previously led Pixar
Animation Studios
short film group.

The power of inclusion: Osnat Shurer

Philippa Boyens

Philippa Boyens is the Academy Award-winning New Zealand writer of THE LORD OF THE RINGS and co-producer and writer of KING KONG, THE HOBBIT TRILOGY and THE LOVELY BONES.

The power of inclusion: Philippa Boyens

Tilane Jones

Tilane Jones leads Ava DuVernay’s grass-roots film collective ARRAY as President, having worked with DuVernay for over ten years
and earning film credits
that include Oscar
nominated and
Emmy winner 13TH
and Oscar
nominated SELMA.

The power of inclusion: Tilane Jones

Dr. Stacy L. Smith

Dr. Stacy L. Smith is the Founder and Director of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at the Annenberg School for Communication
& Journalism at the
University of
Southern California.

The power of inclusion: Dr. Stacy L. Smith
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Hosted by the New Zealand Film Commission and Women in Film and Television International
with support from The Walt Disney Studios, The Power of Inclusion presents a 2-day programme including case studies, panels, conversations and keynotes on pertinent issues in the inclusion and representation space: bringing people together, presenting a myriad of world views, positing future action to create a more inclusive industry and world, all enveloped in the special environment that Aotearoa New Zealand and its peoples have to offer.

The programme features over 35 speakers from around the world, and will include writers, directors and producers making ground breaking work; activists, founders, executives and researchers from companies and initiatives leading the way in inclusion; top tier US studio and SVOD executives; and leading practitioners from Aotearoa New Zealand. The line-up will include people of colour, women, inter-faith, indigenous, LGBTQI and differently abled.

Motion Picture Association Scholarship Programme.
The Motion Picture Association Scholarship Programme
provides tickets for 150 people working or studying in
the screen sector who are low or unwaged, or from
communities underrepresented, to attend The Power of
Inclusion summit as fully registered delegates.

To enter you must currently reside in New Zealand and
meet the outlined criteria.

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