Join us 3-4 October 2019 in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand for The Power of Inclusion summit and be part of the vital global conversation around representation, belonging and inclusion in today’s screen, entertainment and technology landscape.

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Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern is the 40th and current Prime Minister of New Zealand and the world's youngest female head of government.

The power of inclusion: Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern

Ana Scotney

Rising star Ana Scotney (Ngāti Tāwhaki) made her feature film acting debut in The Breaker Upperers and is a film and award-winning theatre maker.

The power of inclusion: Ana Scotney

Charles D. King

Charles D. King is the Founder & CEO of MACRO, the producer of Sorry to Bother You and Mudbound, and the executive producer of Fences.

The power of inclusion: Charles D. King

Dr. Stacy L. Smith

Dr. Stacy L. Smith is the Founder and Director of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California.

The power of inclusion: Dr. Stacy L. Smith

Franklin Leonard

Franklin Leonard is an American film executive and producer of The Black List, a yearly publication featuring Hollywood’s most popular unproduced screenplays.

The power of inclusion: Franklin Leonard

Maria Giese

Maria Giese is an award-winning feature film director who, in 2015, became the person that instigated the biggest industry-wide Federal investigation for women directors in Hollywood history.

The power of inclusion: Maria Giese

Niki Caro

Niki Caro is a multi award-winning New Zealand film director and screenwriter whose credits include The Zookeeper's Wife, North Country, Whale Rider and upcoming Mulan.

The power of inclusion: Niki Caro

Philippa Boyens

Philippa Boyens is the Academy Award-winning New Zealand writer of The Lord of the Rings and co-producer and writer of King Kong, The Hobbit trilogy and The Lovely Bones.

The power of inclusion: Philippa Boyens
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Hosted by the New Zealand Film Commission and Women in Film and Television International with support from The Walt Disney Studios, The Power of Inclusion is two days of keynotes, panels, case studies and conversations with an unmissable line-up of speakers from around the world. An unprecedented event in the Asia Pacific region, the programme presents an unrivalled breadth and scale of voices who will be joining the conversation and creating action.

Aotearoa New Zealand is a land of rich stories and unrivalled beauty. Discover what our corner of the world has to offer.

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Aotearoa New Zealand is also home to award-winning creatives and crew, experienced cast, a variety of infrastructure, stunning scenery and a competitive incentives scheme.

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